The sunset on Lake Mary in Mammoth

Fishing in Mammoth Lakes

Event Date: Monday, May 27, 2019 / Event Location: Crowley Lake In Mammoth

Mammoth Lakes fishing is like no other. People drive from all over to experience the Eastern Sierra streams, rivers and our lakes. No question this is a highlight of the summer. Anglers come fishing in Mammoth Lakes to take advantage of our gourmet and different varieties of trout. We stock the lakes every year so there are always plenty to catch and it is a great family experience. Think about it, who taught you to fish? It is a great father child bonding experience and fishing is a nice way to spend a hot summer day, and the temperatures are always cooler by the lakes and streams. Mono County fishing season is from the last week of April to November 15 annually.

Mammoth Lakes is know for having quite an array of trout from our farm raised Alpers Trout, also called the trophy trout as they're usually well over 4 lbs. to local varieties of golden, rainbow and brown trout. Mammoth in conjunction with the Department of Fish and Game stock the lakes about twice monthly, usually on Thursday (don't tell any one!) so they are ready to go for the weekends. The Forest Service (760-924-5500) can help you with finding where the fish are being planted.

The Mammoth Lakes Basin contains 6 different lakes and when you get your accommodations in town, you are only 1 mile or less to the first one. It makes good sense to stay in the vicinity as besides our 6 lakes, there are many that you can drive or hike to, and some just outside the town limits. Outside of Mammoth is Crowley Lake, the biggest in the area and the lake you see when driving up from Southern California. Tucked in between the mountains you'll find Lundy Lake or Rock Creek also cool places to fish. In order to stay near these you'll want to make your Mammoth reservations in town so you can be centrally located. From town you can also drive up to the Outdoor Adventure Center where you can pick up a forest service shuttle and go down to Storcher Lake or Reds Meadow, popular places for those who really like that peace and quiet of fishing. This is a beautiful day, where you can sit by the lakes edge, read a book, put your fishing pole in the water, play in the splash and enjoy our beautiful alpine envirorment. If you have any questions about choosing your lodging or staying near one of these great lakes, give us a call. It is why we are here and we'll help you plan that beautiful fishing vacation you're looking for.