Having fun at the Margarita Festival in Mammoth

Margaritas and Latin Music Hit Mammoth

Event Date: Friday, August 11, 2017 / Event Location: Mammoth Village

What makes the Mammoth Margarita Festival so special is not all the tequila companies who come to allow you to taste and sames. It's not the constant flow of Latin music, salsa dancing and teaching, or the plates of chips and guacamole. It really is a festival to worship the Blue Agave succulent which takes nearly 15 years to mature before it can be harvested and made into the worlds most popular adult beverage... ok, it is about the fun too.

August 11-12 mark this years Margarita festival and a highlight of the weekend it inhabits. Not only is Mammoth known for its hiking trails, golf, fishing holes and mountain biking; we're known for our weekend festivals which celebrate everything from beer, whiskey, blues music, to this one... all about tequila. Yes, we like to party in Mammoth

The Mammoth Margarita Festival was started just a few years back by the owners of Gomez's Restaurant in the Mammoth Village. The worship to Margarita, and her legend goes way back. Depending on who you want to believe, the drink gets its name from either a German Ambassadors daughter, a Ziegfield Follies dancer, Rosarita De Rosa a showgirl, or a Dallas socialite but either way, the tequila is mixed with triple sec, an orange flavored liquor, fresh lime, and is mostly served in a champagne coupe. You'll want to taste all the varieties!

The partying in accompanied by bands playing salsa dance music, with free dance lessons; Latin disco and culture abound throughout the Village at Mammoth for this don't want to miss festival. Order your tickets through MLR when you book your lodging and get something specials