Mammoth Lakes Limousine Service

From pick up at the airport to shuttle around town having a driver take you where you need to go is the only way we do it. You're on vacation and our drivers will be glad to come get you, be with you and help you see the sights. They're not just "taxi-service" they're tour guides as well, and they love to share their appreciation of the area with our guests.

Airport Service Tell us your flight schedule and we'll do the rest. Your driver will show up with keys in hand, collect your luggage, skis, golf clubs and all your play toys and deliver you to your front door. You won't scramble at the airport, wait in line, or waste a moment of your precious vacation. We'll handle it for you.

Day / Night Service Whether it be for a day on the town, out to see the sights, or because you want to drink some good wine, a lot of good wine, our Mammoth limo service will be there for you. Party in the car, party on the streets, party at the restaurant, leave the driving to us. We'll make sure you are safe at all times. Especially handy when Mother Nature is dropping snow and your legs just don't want to do another day.

Guided Sight Seeing Our drivers double a guides for scenic tours. Whether you want to cruise around opulent Yosemite for the day, go out to Mono Lake, or take a family drive to the mysterious Bodie Ghost Town, you'll get a ride and the information that will make the tour exciting.

Mammoth Limo Service is unlike most traditional based limousine services. In the mountains we don't drive "stretches", there is no disco lights, or velvet corduroy seats. Our fleet of cars are top of the line heavy duty Denalis, Expeditions and cars that can handle the weather, slippery roads and a lot of bulky luggage. If you're the traveler that brings the big "steamer trunk" filled with choices, let us know, we can send a van to retrieve that as well.

Private Parties Our drivers are available for private parties and personal events too. With all services, please allow at east 48 hours notice. We're on "mountain time" and a little planning makes everything go smoother.

Yes, the town of Mammoth Lakes offers complimentary shuttle service however it does not go door to door, nor does it go to our ski in out properties, golf course properties or private residences. It stays strictly to the main roads. That's why you'll want a real Mammoth Taxi to come get you. Call us to reserve yours.