Privacy Service

Many of our clients need a retreat, a place to slip away, a mountain hideaway with as little interruption as possible. Whether some quiet family time, a few days to finish a novel, or just some time without phones, photographers and paparazzi, MLR is discreet. Our privacy service allows our customers to vacation anonymously.

Mammoth Luxury Rentals is committed to help our customers enjoy time away from their executive lifestyles.  For all our clients, information is never shared, with anyone. Many of our guests have privacy concerns where uniquely identifiable information is collected and stored, in digital form or otherwise. There is no issue with us. The only people who know you is us. To everyone else you're "John Smith".

Privacy partially intersects security as well.  Our VIPs don't have to worry as we will help any way we can.  We can provide added security if needed. It's a small town, everyone knows everything, but only if you tell them. We're not saying a word.

"Seal up your lips and give no words but mum" Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part 2

Whether it be the boss, your own celebrity or an "ex", you'll have the most lavish lodging available and "Mum's" the word.