"I have been using the services of City Concierge for about 6 years now.  Here is the thing about these guys.....they know these mountain towns better than anyone.  They are relentless about finding you great deals on all types of lodging! I used them one time when I had a client that wanted to get up to Big Bear which is not a place I usually go to. You should have seen this rental. It was the coolest Big Bear rental lodge we've ever seen.

Here is the can either deal with them one on one....or via their web portal (which is pretty slick).  I typically choose one on one interaction (since I am picky customer).  I send them my details....dates, locations, sizes and overall needs (pets, number of bedrooms, really nice or somewhat nice) and within a day or two I get an email with all of my options presented before me.  I just pick the best option and within minutes, I get the confirmation details.  It is that easy.  

What is truly nice about this service is that it doesn't cost you a thing.  I have checked and even if you do it yourself, you are paying the same amount (most times....even more) and you have the added responsibility of calling every complex in the area to gather the information.  Why not call them and have them do the legwork?

The owner and his staff have DEEP inside knowledge of not only the area lodging, but restaurants, nightlife and activities.  Plus they have inside lines on the cool stuff like....private chefs, mountain guides, etc.  Heck, they can even stock your condo with all your favorite food and beverages before you arrive!!  Who wants to go food shopping on vacation?

And on top of all this, they are just nice people.  It is a family run organization and they treat you like a king (or a queen)!

Seriously....if you are looking to find a vacation spot in Mammoth, Lake Tahoe or Big would be crazy not to call these folks."